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Basic services


Fleet Management 

Managing your fleet is easier than ever before. Vehicle tracking, reports, system integration – all these on a user-friendly interface that is easy to customize either in the easyTRACK mobile app or in a browser.


easyTRACK Reports 

Access and download your reports at any time with easyTRACK! Save time to your employees by creating reports on specific vehicles or groups of vehicles with a single click of a button. Reports on vehicles, fleets, and drivers facilitate administrative tasks

Uploading Refueling Lists 

With this function, you can upload invoices of company fuel cards to the easyTRACK system. The data uploaded are displayed in the journey log and in the reports related to the uploaded refueling regarding one vehicle or even the entire fleet. 


Electronic Toll Declaration (HU-GO) 

A fast and easy-to-use system for toll declaration, providing information directly for the driver, allowing your company to avoid penalties. This is how to ensure smooth functioning of the system: maintain minimum balance of your account and regularly check the functioning of the built-in the easyTRACK module. The system works smoothly thanks to our customer service available 24 hours a day, specialized in e-toll declaration.


E-Toll-Related Legal Assistance 

E-toll-related legal assistance services are offered to customers using our e-toll services. Our colleagues specialized in e-toll services can help you with any related issues.


Access Right Management 

With this function, you can grant your employees and partners access either to certain vehicles of your fleet or even to the entire fleet. You can define the scope of supplementary services – e. g. current location of the vehicle, archived data, reporting, driver management, or data modification – the given employee or partner has access to. The subaccounts have separate usernames and passwords.


Path Analysis and Printing to PDF 

Do you need the path of your vehicles? Select any period in the archive data window. Play back vehicle path and analyze events. You can even print the reports at will. 


Calculator for Domestic Daily Subsistence Allowance in Hungary and Abroad

You can access the summary of working days spent within the country or abroad, using the easyTRACK system and the tachograph data of the vehicle. The system makes the necessary calculations for you and summarizes the results regarding every driver separately.  
Data is reported in accordance with Government Decree 437/2015 (XII. 28.).


Optional services


easyTACHOGRÁF (Tachograph Download Tool by easyTRACK) 

Do you have many difficulties and logistical challenges to download the tachograph data of your vehicles on time? Drivers are reluctant to go into the office to download their card?
Once the system is set up, you can start downloading the tachograph and driver cards remotely, at a pre-determined time, or even automatically. With the help of easyTACHOGRAPH, you can monitor the current driving and rest times of drivers on a web interface, thus avoiding penalties and optimizing transport organization.


Evaluation of Tachograph Data 

Once tachograph data is downloaded, you can even evaluate DDD files using various reports. Evaluate tachograph data with easyTRACK to get notified of possible offences immediately. No need to be familiar with the legislation in force as we provide continuous and up-to-date legislative compliance. Stay on the top of things regarding data download process and data already downloaded, while complying with legislative requirements.


easyCHAT Messaging System 

Fleet members can communicate and share pictures and other documents with each other in a closed system operated on an encrypted channel. The administrator can see and manage all the conversations. 


Optimal Route Planning

With our Optimal Tour Management service, you can send a pre-determined route to a specific driver, allowing you to meet delivery times, reduce fuel consumption, thus minimizing potential problems. Drivers can access the service in Driver App. 


Real-Time Alerts (ALERT)

You can predefine the events you want to be notified of via email, sms, or on the easyTRACK web interface. You can set notifications for border crossings, tank cap openings, mileage, GSM connection problems, a parked car with an engine running, and stopping points. You can also request notifications related to specific dates, e.g. expiration of a driving license, vignette, comprehensive insurance, and the periodic technical inspection, or you can set individual events, too. 


Separating Business and Private Usage 

You can easily keep track of the time your employees spent at work and how many miles they have traveled for business and private purposes. By installing the device, you can simplify accounting and administrative tasks.


CAN Data

With the help of data extracted from the on-board units of your vehicles, you can control fuel consumption and update the data in the reports. Vehicle mileage becomes remotely accessible, facilitating administrative tasks and the management of service appointments. With driving style analysis, you can control the intended use of vehicles and filter out incidents, e.g. operation in a high speed range, or any sudden acceleration. 


Operational Status 

Are you having trouble with tracking the uptime of your machines? Are you struggling with accounting? With our system, you can monitor uptimes and separate various operational phases, e.g., transport and work. 


Fuel Control

You can save up to 40% annually by keeping fuel usage, refueling frequency, and fuel wastage resulting from bad driving habits under control. With our tank cap monitoring service, you can get immediate notifications if someone opens the tank cap in an unauthorized location. Furthermore, tank cap openings can be displayed in reports, and the system provides mechanical protection against unauthorized opening and fuel theft, too.


Driver Identification

Our system provides several options for driver identification to you. You can identify the driver on the one hand, and separate business and private use on the other hand using RFID cards and an RFID reader. The information is displayed in the journey log and among vehicle data. You can also subscribe to the easyTRACK Driver App. In this case, the driver identifies the vehicle using their mobile phone. 


Temperature Monitoring 

Are you involved in the transportation of chilled or frozen food or live animals? Do you have to prove that the temperature in the cargo space was appropriate during the whole journey? With our temperature monitoring service, you can continuously monitor the temperature values of the cargo space and receive an alert if there is a discrepancy in the numbers provided. Similarly to the journey log and the refueling list, you can request a temperature report from the system for the desired period. 


Cargo door monitoring

With our cargo door monitoring service, you can keep your shipment safe, monitor the opening and closing of the cargo door, and even get a prompt notification via sms when such an event occurs. 


Unauthorized use of motor vehicles

You can prevent unauthorized drivers from using your vehicle. You decide which employee can drive a certain vehicle. The service works with the easyRFID driver identification system. 

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