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Wondering how far your vehicle has traveled? Look back at the exact track of the vehicle!

As part of GPS tracking, we offer the visual replay of the vehicle’s track on the map, as a basic service. We know how important this function is for fleet managers. It allows to monitor and analyze vehicle movements in real-time and in retrospect.

This gives fleet operators detailed information about where the vehicle went, what route it took, what speed it followed and how much time it spent in a given location.


Data storage for up to 2 years, depending on the price package


Analysis of the selected period (up to a 7-day time interval)


Different playback speed (up to 64x)


Graph and analysis window that displays your graph data in text


Data that can be printed with one click

What are the benefits of the Track Scan feature?

Get accurate information on the operation and efficiency of the vehicles

Optimize and plan routes

Reduce costs and increase efficiency, minimize unnecessary kilometers

Review data for the given period (e.g. temperature, fuel consumption, chat messages)

Create reports from the selected data

Did you know that fleet operators can use the track scan feature to improve customer service and service quality?

You can create reports from archived data, accurately track the movement of your vehicles, monitor shipments and routes, and ensure on-time delivery.

This can increase customer satisfaction and improve the reputation of fleet operators.

Would you like to experience the benefits of easyTRACK? Request a quote today or try our free trial for 30 days!

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