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About Us

Innovative company with family values

As a 100% Hungarian-owned company, easyTRACK has been part of the Hungarian vehicle tracking market since 2009, providing all-round fleet management services to over 3000 companies concerning 35 000 motor vehicles. Our GPS-based vehicle-tracking and fleet management system provides a solution to the challenges small, medium-sized, and large enterprises usually face in these fields.


Who are we?


Peter Gáll

managing owner

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Péter Murvai

project manager

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Nóra Tálas

commercial manager 

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András Soós

development manager

2022 12 16_Mezei Melinda_deczkifoto_0903.jpg

Melinda Mezei

head of finances

2022 12 16_ Békési_Vanek Annamária_deczkifoto_0863.jpg

Annamária Békési-Vanek

head of marketing

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Zoltán Magyari

service manager

Why choose us?


The easyTRACK devices are manufactured at our own production site in Hungary, at the highest level of quality control.

Our colleagues in the R&D Team do their best every day to provide our Customers with premium products using advanced technology.

No hidden fees. Our offer is clear, simple, and predictable. Try easyTRACK in a construction based on monthly fees.

After entering a contract, our colleagues can install our vehicle-tracking devices in 48 hours, allowing you to use easyTRACK immediately.

98% of our Customers are satisfied with our service, showing the expertise, kindness, and friendly attitude of our colleagues.

Thank you for the trust of our customers!

Request a quote now or contact us if you have any questions!

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