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Find out everything about your vehicle


Why is it worth using the HU-GO Display?

In the easyTRACK systemmany reports can be downloadedquickly and easily. The datastored safelyon our servers, so eitherthey can also be reviewed afterwards. 

You can now enjoy your 12-month subscription for an extra 3 months as part of our service switch promotion! 

The exchange does not cost you money! We cover the price of the device and the cost of installation!We will not bill you for any additional costs in addition to the monthly fee. Our offer is that simple and transparent.You have nothing to lose, request an offer now!


Why is it worth using the HU-GO Display?


Customer-friendly attitude with high-level technical support

98% of our customers are satisfied with our services, which shows the expertise, kindness and friendly attitude of our colleagues.

All services and administration in one place

A web interface where you can track all the vehicles in your fleet, download their reports, data or service invoices.

Simple and modern user interface

An easily customizable, user-friendly interface that is easily accessible from a browser or the easyTRACK mobile app.

Fast installation

After signing the contract, our expert colleagues will install our vehicle tracking devices within up to 96 hours, and you can already use the easyTRACK system.

Our clients said



"Our company uses easyTRACK's tracking service, with which it has been completely satisfied all along.

The administration always runs smoothly, the colleagues provide comprehensive information, are helpful and even kind.

For the reasons mentioned above, I am very happy to recommend the company and the service to others."

Katalin Krisztina Kleiber, FINN ÚT KFT.

Would you like to try the easyTRACK interface before you decide?

See why thousands of companies in Hungary and other European countries choose easyTRACK!

Request a quote now or contact us if you have any questions!

*The promotion is valid for a minimum 12-month subscription, or only when replacing an existing service provided by a third party. For a 12-month subscription, we provide 3 months free of charge for our new customers. This means that for one year's fee you get 15 months of service from us. The offer is valid until withdrawn.

**The offer does not apply to 50% of the toll paid for the vehicles, but rather to 50% of our contribution fee. The offer applies to Hungarian toll payments for vehicles over 3.5 tons, if the declaration is made through the easyTRACK system. The offer is valid until withdrawn.

*** easyTRACK reserves the right to modify or withdraw both Offers, or to renew and/or modify the terms of use at any stage of implementation, if it deems it necessary or if unforeseen circumstances give rise to it.

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