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Keeping track of your machines' operating time has never been easier

Having trouble keeping track of machines' operating time? Does this also make accounting difficult?

The easyTRACK Operating times function is here to help!

When it comes to work machines, it is often not the distance traveled, but the operating times that are considered to be the most important information.

With the help of the easyTRACK system, you can remotely monitor operating times and separate different operating phases, such as transport and work, without any effort.

After installation, the easyTRACK hardware is able to read the operating conditions accurately, so you will always know when the machine is standing, moving or working.

Operating time report in seconds

  1. Select the vehicle

  2. Set the period

  3. The easyTRACK system automatically prepares the operating time report


That's all! You can save the document in HTML, Excel, or PDF format, which you can immediately print or save on your computer.

Why choose the Operating times function of the easyTRACK vehicle tracking system?

Get information about your machines easily and quickly

Always be aware of the date of scheduled maintenance

Set notifications related to events

Avoid misuse of operating times

Access data retroactively

Construction work, strict deadlines? Have full control over your machines!


In the case of construction sites, the supervision of machines is especially essential. Not only due to the deadlines, but also due to the optimal management of machines. With easyTRACK you can check the fuel level, request reports from the data the system collects, set real-time alerts and optimize your fleet in many ways.

How? Get started today, we're here to help!

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