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Cashless payment with easyTRACK -
DKV fuel card

The DKV fuel card is now accessible for easyTRACK clients!

Offering more than just a reduction in fleet management administrative tasks, these cards provide a cashless and easy refueling option. Additionally, they enable access to a broad spectrum of vehicle-related services throughout Europe.

Exceptional offer for fleets of all sizes

Whether it's about trucks, buses, vans, or passenger cars, the DKV card is an ideal choice for fleets of any size.

Our offer ranges from the classic DKV Card to the DKV Card + Charge for electric vehicles, and the DKV Card Climate supporting environmental efforts, ensuring that every client finds the perfect solution for their needs.

Services that make your business life easier


Extensive network: Access to over 66,000 filling stations and 666,000 public charging points across Europe.


Simplified administration: Forget about complicated paperwork; with easyTRACK and DKV solutions, everything is easier.


Comprehensive services: From fueling to car washing, parking, and toll payments, all with one card.


Security: Easy replacement in case of lost cards, with options to set PIN codes and restrictions for secure usage.


VAT refunds: Quick and simple VAT refunds for improved liquidity.

Simple and cost-effective payment solution for refueling

Worthwhile even for a single vehicle

It's worthwhile to obtain a fuel card even for a single vehicle, considering we've left the era of fuel receipts behind. Moreover, there's no minimum purchase requirement, making the card's use completely flexible, regardless of how often it's utilized.

As an easyTRACK customer, you too can enjoy the benefits provided by the DKV fuel card. Request a personalized offer today and make your business’s fleet more economical and efficient.

Contact us to find out how we can simplify and reduce the costs of managing your fleet.

The collaboration between easyTRACK and DKV ensures that our clients can access the most advanced fuel card services, making your business operations smoother, no matter the size of your fleet.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can assist your business with DKV fuel card services!

How? Get started today, we're here to help!

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