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Decide on user rights
and increase the efficiency of your fleet

Want to share your vehicle mileage with your accountant? Should you certify the work done for your client?


EasyTRACK allows you to assign different levels of privileges to users by creating different sub-accounts. You decide which data your employees or partners have access to!


A simple solution to keep everything under control

You have the option to create sub-accounts, for example, for dispatchers, partners or anyone to whom you want to give their rights.


When you create a sub-account, you can decide whether the other party should have access to certain vehicles or the entire fleet. You can change this at any time according to your needs.

The user-level admin role gives you full access to the account, so you can have access to all features and can make changes.


You can view a wide range of data, for example, you can choose whether a person can access archive data, retrieve reports, or view fuel levels and temperature data, making your monitoring tasks more efficient.

You can also personalise rights within the administration category: you can give others the ability to manage drivers, modify vehicle data, view invoicing, etc.


You can also customise access to tachograph data, allowing manual data download and data analysis.

Within the tour tracking feature, you can give access to for example plan and view tours and even make the chat system available to people of your choice.


Organised operation, safely and securely

You can manage sub-accounts after entering the main interface. The authorisation will not take effect until you enter your password as confirmation. You can put an end to or modify accounts and revoke access at any time.


Always be in control with easyTRACK!

Request a quote now or contact us if you have any questions!

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