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New: error code feedback function

Our new developments related to the management of error codes make everyday fleet management even easier.


New functions via the CAN adapter
With the help of the CAN adapter, error codes can now be immediately detected and categorized for all DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Ford and Volvo trucks. This function allows error signals to be displayed grouped on the dashboard, so that steps can be taken immediately to deal with problems quickly and efficiently.


Colored error signals on the interface
On the web dashboard, the error signals are also distinguished by color. Problems of low and medium importance are marked in yellow, while serious failures are marked in red. This color coding helps users quickly identify and prioritize different issues.


Improved error notifications
From now on, the system can display not only the current, but also previously undeleted fault signals, so users get a complete overview of the state of their vehicles.


Simplified user interface
With the help of the web dashboard, we have made navigation more intuitive and provide faster access to the most frequently used functions. In addition, the new layout allows us to display more information on a single screen, thereby reducing the administrative burden on operators.


Upcoming updates
Further improvements will be introduced soon with the next software update.

With the new developments of easyTRACK, our customers can not only track the condition of vehicles more accurately and efficiently, but also significantly reduce costs and outages due to unexpected breakdowns . With the new functions and our additional plans based on them, we are constantly working to make the fleet management of our customers more and more smooth and economical .

Have a question? Would you like to tell us which new feature you would like? Find our customer service!

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