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Find out everything about your vehicle

With more than 30 easyTRACK reports

In the easyTRACK system, a wide range of reports can be downloaded quickly and easily. The data is stored securely on our servers, so it can be accessed later.


Create reports from the information you need and download them in pdf or excel format!

Journey form-type reports

You can choose from the journey form-type reports available in all packages, where you can see the time of the stop, the downtime, the location and the coordinates. In addition, a detailed journey form report is also available, where you can track fuel levels, mileage, start time, journey time, distance travelled, speed and consumption. You can set individual parameters and decide whether the type of report should be specific to a particular vehicle or driver.

Reports in connection with operating time

Operating time reports are a very useful feature, especially for machinery. You can also monitor driving and working times, standstill and waiting times.

Reports related to POIs (Points of Interest)

You can find out how many times the vehicle has passed the POI and also get information about the rest time spent there. A round-trip report is also available: the system keeps track of how many times the vehicle has made the round trip.

Reports in connection with fuel

With our fuel-based reports, you can find out how many times your vehicle has been refuelled and whether fuel has been taken out of the tank.

Reports in connection with the driver

In the case of driver-based reports, the system lists the information contained in the journey forms grouped by driver. If a driver has driven more than one vehicle, information about each of them is displayed next to his name.

Reports in connection with working hours

Hours worked reports can help to significantly reduce the time spent on administration. Drivers' driving time will be displayed in the system – on an individual basis – and the accounting of domestic daily allowance and dispatch fees will be greatly simplified. Efficiency can also be measured with complex reports that evaluate driver performance.

Save the surprises for the right occasion!

Fleet management should be predictable and simple!

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Track your vehicles in the easyTRACK mobile app, where you can access all the functions at any time, even on the go.






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