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Do you also have trouble calculating daily allowance? Trust it on easyTRACK!

Whether a domestic trip or an assignment abroad, the easyTRACK system offers a quick and simple solution!

If you have ever tried to determine the duration of assignments, you know how much trouble it can be. Especially in the case of shorter workdays, which require a special calculation. In addition, the amount of daily allowance depends on several factors: how many days the driver spent abroad, the currency, expenses, and many others. It's no wonder that many companies struggle with calculating daily allowances.

What if we told you that we provide an instant solution to this problem?

Forget the headache!

You no longer have to worry about misjudging the daily allowance and not complying with legal requirements.

Choose easyTRACK, and the tachograph data of the vehicle allows for the detection of domestic and assignment workdays in the case of tachograph-mandatory vehicles. 


The system performs the calculations for you and summarises them in a report, even broken down by drivers.

The report ensures data is provided in accordance with Government Decree 437/2015 (XII. 28.), guaranteeing compliance. 


With individual settings, you can filter out the days when the driver is entitled to a daily allowance for a given period, and in the case of assignments, the system also shows the remaining hours. 





Request our free demo software and discover the easyTRACK features without any obligations!


Try the innovative solutions of easyTRACK and increase the efficiency of your business!

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