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E-toll declaration for buses

From February 1, 2024, buses will also pay tolls in the HU-GO system!

Choose the more convenient and reliable electronic toll payment system, even with an on-board HU-GO Display display device!

Pay the toll later!

Our toll tool is suitable for supporting the subsequent payment of tolls. Pay only for the kilometers traveled, without charging extra costs, and forget about monitoring the HU-GO current account balance!

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Why is it worth choosing easyTRACK's service?

+ HUF 0 device installation

+ HUF 0 device cost

+ full warranty

+ technical support

+ customer service specialized in e-toll available 24 hours a day

Our offer is that simple and transparent!

*easyTRACK reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Offer, or to renew and/or modify the terms of use at any stage of implementation, if it deems it necessary or if unforeseen circumstances give rise to it.

In addition to the toll declaration, we also provide the following services:

On our map-based interface, you can track the movement of buses in real time , and download the related statements, data, and invoices.

You can set alarms for various events ( border crossing, sudden fuel level drop, technical test due , but you can also set alarms based on individual kilometers or time).

You can check fuel consumption and related abuses.

You can choose from 40 types of reports , such as vehicle utilization monitoring or trip data summary reports.


Bus toll

What should you consider when declaring bus tolls and what steps can you take to effectively manage the changes?

Connection ticket

You can even buy a so-called connection ticket online, but in the long term it is worth considering the disadvantages and sustainability of this solution.

Toll calculation

As a bus operator, it is important to collect and organize the data needed to calculate the toll. This is essential to determine the exact costs in the toll system.

Fee payment deadlines

It is worth paying attention to the toll payment deadlines, because penalties and surcharges can mean additional costs in case of late payment.

Fleet optimization

Since the fee is paid based on the journey taken, carefully plan the routes and create schedules, so that not only work processes become more transparent, but you can also minimize costs.


As a bus operator, keep detailed documentation of toll-related transactions. It makes sense to rely on reliable digital systems to take the burden of administration off your shoulders.

Passenger information

If you transport passengers and the increase in costs also affects them, inform your passengers about the price change and thank them for contributing to the sustainability of the trip.

There are two ways to check the toll declaration process:

via the easyTRACK web interface - you can check the system's operability and the number of axles set

besides the easyTRACK web interface, with the help of the HU-GO Display feedback device in the vehicle


Why should you use the HU-GO Display?


Easy to operate

The buttons make it easy to set all functions


A sure way to avoid fines

Alerts help you avoid problems that may arise


Continuous feedback on operational status

It immediately indicates if the device is not working properly


Immediate sound and
LED alarm

In case of an error (such as: GPS reception problem, GPRS connection problem, ignition failure)


Axle number display and change

The HU-GO display can also show and set the axle number


Saves time and money

A simple, convenient, time- and money-saving solution for your business

Function extension

Continuously expanding the range of functions



Hungarian manufacturing combined with the expertise to match


Receive message

The dispatcher can send immediate messages to the driver

Watch our short presentation video about the HU-GO Display for instructions on device setup and its functions!

We ensure trouble-free operation. All you need to do is:

Register your company on the HU-GO portal.

Click here for the registration guide.


Add your vehicle and associate it with the TELL system using OBU ID and PIN.

Click here for the on-board device (OBU) registration guide.


Always keep the current account balance updated on the HU-GO portal.


Regularly check the operation of the built-in easyTRACK module.

The smooth operation of the system is ensured by our customer service specializing in e-tolls available 24 hours a day.

Need legal advice?

We are happy to be at your disposal!


For customers using our e-toll service, we offer e-toll legal assistance, where a specialised colleague will help you solve your toll-related problems.

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