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Smart tachograph

What is a smart tachograph?

The smart tachograph is a more advanced version of traditional digital tachographs. It was introduced in 2019 for trucks and buses in accordance with European Union (EU) regulations. The purpose of the tool is to record road usage, driver working hours and driving time more accurately and efficiently, as well as easier control for operators and authorities.

The term "smart" is used for the new tachograph because it is more resistant to manipulation, handles a larger amount of data and contains many new functions. These improvements include an intelligent transport systems interface to facilitate potential data exchange with other systems, and improved geolocation software that includes a global navigation satellite system as a secondary source, reducing the risk of tampering.

The advantages smart tachographs over traditional digital tachographs

  1. GPS data: The smart tachograph has a built-in GPS system, which allows accurate location to track the route and speed.

  2. Communication module: The communication module on the device enables remote data connection and connection to central databases, so data can be downloaded and checked remotely.

  3. Smart card: Driver and workshop cards for smart tachographs use secure chip technology, which makes it difficult to forge or manipulate data.

  4. Remote data reading: The smart tachograph provides the authorities with the possibility of remote data reading of vehicles, which allows for more efficient control and fewer roadside inspections.

The introduction of a smart tachograph will help improve road safety and promote transparent and accurate records of transport activities and driver working hours. Drivers and carriers should familiarize themselves with the operation of the smart tachograph and the correct handling of the data in order to comply with the regulations.

Did you know?

With second-generation tachographs, it is already possible to automatically record border crossings, departure and arrival location data, and vehicle position according to the mandatory number of hours. But that's not all! According to the manufacturers, the latest tachograph also provides us with axle load data, which can bring about significant changes in road toll payments.


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