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Download your tachograph data automatically

Manual download is the past!

With easyTACHOGRAPH, you can automatically access your vehicle's tachograph and driver card data at a preset time.


You no longer have to outsource downloading data

The system automatically downloads the data (.ddd files), stores it in a secure storage location, and evaluates it if required.


No download tool required


No more forgotten downloads and driver card readings


No constant effort

Due to a unique development in the market, the easyTACHOGRAPH is fully compatible with the new Smart2 tachograph.

Experience the benefits of easyTACHOGRAPH

Save time

It is fast and efficient, unlike the lengthy manual process. This allows your employees to spend more time on real, important tasks.

Accurate and reliable data

The authentic data recorded by the system help in making operational decisions and in observing driving and rest times. You can also monitor the driver's activities online in real time.

Legal compliance

Transport companies have to comply with a number of laws regarding driving and rest periods. The easyTACHOGRAPH helps you comply with the rules and avoid fines.

Detailed reports

The automatic download system allows detailed evaluation of .ddd files (violations, driving events and vehicle records).

Want to make your fleet more efficient? Choose the easyTRACK predictive planning service!

In addition to automatically downloading data, you can eliminate the hassle of calculating driving and rest times.


The predictive tachograph records the driver's working hours and activities, and based on these, calculates when his daily driving time ends and when he must take a mandatory break.


This makes the job easier not only for the driver, but also for the owner or the dispatcher, as they can see the drivers' driving time remotely, so they can organize transport more easily.

Don't have a GPS provider or want to replace your current provider? 

It has arrivedTacho UltraLINK, which is a remote stand-alone tachograph and driver card downloading tool and service. Tacho UltraLINK offers a fully automated and flexible solution for data management of your vehicle fleet.


Remote data download

Would you like to download your tachograph and driver data remotely? With Tacho UltraLINK, you can do it anywhere and anytime. 


4G modem

Whether it is an environment without a GPS provider, the Tacho UltraLINK works with a 4G modem, so it performs its task effectively regardless of GPS-based vehicle tracking systems. 


High level of data security

We also pay a lot of attention to the safe storage of data, so you don't have to worry about the stability and reliability of the system either.


Automatic and manual download

You can schedule automatic date-based downloads, making it easy to regularly update and keep your data up-to-date. It is also possible to download manually when needed. 


ddd file evaluation

The system is also capable of evaluating ddd files, so data analysis can be easily implemented.

Discover how Tacho UltraLINK offers real,an effective solution for vehicle fleet data management and more efficient operation. For more details, visit our website: Tacho UltraLINK (site is in Hungarian) and learn about the new era of driving data management! 

Try easyTRACK's innovative solutions and increase the efficiency of your business!

  • Can easyTRACK's toll payment system help you avoid fines?
    Yes. Using the fast, simple, and transparent e-toll payment system is a sure way to avoid fines, as it notifies the driver directly of a possible failure to pay the toll and provides continuous feedback on the ability to operate.
  • How can I check the toll declaration process?
    You can check the toll declaration process in two ways: via the easyTRACK web interface, where you can monitor the system's operational capability and the set number of axles. You can also get information about the toll declaration process using the HU-GO Display display device installed in the vehicle.
  • I need legal advice regarding toll payment. What to do?
    For our customers who use the e-toll service, we provide e-toll legal advice, in the framework of which our specialist colleague helps to solve toll-related problems.

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