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Map service

Through our map interface, which also includes special map layers (forest layer, weight-height limit), you can track all the vehicles in your fleet, download their statements, data, and invoices. Transparent, easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, which can be accessed from the web and mobile application.

Optimal Tour Management

You can plan the ideal route for your driver in advance, based on the road section and the type of vehicle, thus reducing the number of unnecessary trips. You can send the planned route to your driver's mobile phone, so you can start the tour at the given time via the Driver App mobile application.   


With the help of easyTACHOGRAPH, you can monitor the drivers' current driving and rest time on a web interface, so you can avoid penalties and optimize transport organization. With remote access, you can start downloading the tachograph device and driver cards at a predetermined time or even automatically.


We designed the easyTRACK system in such a way that our more than 30 types of statements can be accessed and downloaded quickly, simply and clearly. Prepare a report with one click of the vehicles or vehicle groups you have selected. Vehicle-, fleet- and driver-based reports greatly facilitate administrative tasks.

Unique accesses

With the help of this function, you can give your employees or partners access to certain vehicles in your fleet or even to the entire vehicle fleet. You can decide which additional services the given employee or partner can access, from the current position of the vehicle to archive data and statement preparation, even to driver management and data modification. 

Real-time alerts

With the help of our alarm management system, you can specify which events you want to be notified about by e-mail, SMS or via the easyTRACK web interface. You can set notifications about crossing the border, opening the fuel cap, stopping points, the due date of a technical test, etc., but you can also set alerts based on individual kilometers or time.

Fuel control

Monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles, so you can save up to 40% per year. In addition to the traditional tank level measuring devices built into the vehicle, by uploading the refueling lists, it is possible to upload the invoices belonging to the company's fuel cards to the easyTRACK system. The uploaded data appears in the trip sheet and the related statements.

E-toll payment system

A fast, simple, transparent, GPS-based toll payment system that provides information directly to the driver and can protect your business even from fines. The smoothness of the system is ensured by our e-toll specialist customer service available 24 hours a day and our e-toll legal advice.

Mobile applications

With the help of the easyTRACK mobile application, you can monitor your company vehicles and check the toll declaration data from anywhere.
With the Driver APP application, your drivers can log into the given vehicle, switch between private and company routes with one click, communicate with colleagues, send documents, and follow the route sent by the dispatcher using the own navigation built into the application._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Driver identification, company-private road separation

The driver can identify himself using the RFID reader built into the easyTRACK system and the Driver APP mobile application. With the help of the APP, the driver can choose between company and private road use, which information appears on the ticket, in the list of vehicle data and in the mileage record. 

Cargo door, temperature control

With our temperature monitoring service, you can continuously monitor the temperature values of the cargo area and receive a notification if there is a discrepancy in the given numbers. You can also request a temperature report from the system for the desired period. You can also monitor the opening and closing of the cargo area door, which you can receive an immediate notification via SMS.

Per diem calculator

With the help of the easyTRACK system and the vehicle's tachograph data, the number of domestic and outbound working days becomes available. The system performs the calculations for you and summarizes them in a statement, even broken down by driver.
The statement is the 437/2015. (XII. 28.) ensures the provision of data in accordance with the Government Decree.

Hours of operation

Are you having trouble keeping track of the uptime of your machines, making billing difficult? With the help of our system, you can remotely monitor operating times and separate different operating phases, such as transport and work.

Trace investigation

Store the data of your vehicle fleet for up to 24 months and view the period of interest to you in our archive database. Replay the vehicle's journey over a period of up to 7 days and examine the events that are important to you. If a period is of particular interest to you, you can print it with one click.

Tractor units

Follow the trains live. With our tool, you can view the status of your trailer even without power.* No more black hauls, no more abandoned trailers when you choose our service.
*The service can be used while the battery is running.

Electric cars

Track the consumption of your electric car, see the charge level, use your electric car like any other vehicle in your fleet. Our system is suitable for receiving, processing and displaying data from electric vehicles.


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