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International Toll Payment Post-Payment 2024 (EETS)

Don't let the toll increase catch you by surprise.

The toll change in 2024 brings significant challenges and opportunities for the transportation and logistics industry. Thanks to the collaboration between easyTRACK and DKV Mobility, you can prepare your business for the upcoming changes now.

With our solutions, specifically designed for managing variable toll charges, you can not only save time and money but also easily adapt to the new toll regulations, thereby keeping your business up-to-date.

Think ahead, pay afterward

Enjoy the special benefits offered by DKV and easyTRACK


Cashless, with a single settlement


Cost savings on services en route


Optimization of international toll settlements


The largest acceptance network in Europe and beyond

Toll change 2024? Get ready with easyTRACK!

Why choose the DKV international post-payment toll solutions (EETS) offered by EasyTrack?


Post-payment Settlement

Pay for tolls with a single monthly settlement through post-payment.


Time and Cost Savings

With comprehensive toll settlement solutions, save time and money at every toll gate, tunnel, and bridge crossing, as well as during office settlements.


Simplicity and Convenience

With easyTRACK, easily manage your vehicle fleet while DKV Mobility ensures simple and efficient toll settlements.


European Coverage

With DKV BOX EUROPE (EETS), cover most of Europe with a single solution, including Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and many more countries.


Reduced Administration

Thanks to the service, significantly reduce administrative burdens, leaving more time for business activities.


Comprehensive Analytical Options

With extensive analysis of transaction data, get a clear picture of your fleet's performance and optimize your toll settlements.

The overview and availability of EETS toll domains


Already available in:

Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Poland, Liefkenshoek Tunnel (BE), Warnow and Herren Tunnel (DE), Scandinavian bridges


In preparation:

Norway, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia

What is EETS toll service?

The EETS (European Electronic Toll Service), is a system that allows road users to meet their toll payment obligations anywhere in the EU with the help of a single onboard unit (OBU) and a contract. Its aim is to ensure the interoperability of electronic toll systems in the EU, facilitating cross-border transport and reducing traffic congestion.

For more information about the 2024 toll changes and further updates, please visit our news section or contact us directly.

We help you navigate through the maze of toll changes!

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