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Always be informed in time about events affecting your vehicle

Using the alerts feature, you can activate various alerts for your vehicles, which you can be notified about via email, SMS or the easyTRACK interface (after login).


What events can I request an alert for?

Geofencing (area-based alert)

You can be notified when entering, exiting or stopping at locations marked as POIs. POI (Points Of Interest) are uniquely defined locations that are important to the user, e.g. sites, drop-off and pick-up points, partners.

Border crossing

This feature allows you to keep track of which countries you have entered and exited. You can customise when the system alerts you, e.g. only when the vehicle leaves your country, or only when the vehicle crosses the border into the neighbouring country, etc.


Avoid fines and protect the technical condition of your vehicle by setting an alarm if the driver exceeds the predefined speed limit. For some vehicles, a certain speed can can negatively affect the engine, thus reducing its lifetime.

Date-related alerts

Whether you need to renew your driving licence, road test, registration, CASCO, highway sticker or compulsory insurance, you no longer need to keep anything in mind, just rely on easyTRACK alerts. You can also set up other alerts related to specific events.

Fuel filler cap opening

Be notified in real time or even afterwards when fuel caps are opened and closed to prevent fuel theft.

Fuel control

For cars and vans, by installing a CAN adapter, the on-board computer can determine the fuel level and the percentage of fuel used.

In the case of light, medium and heavy trucks, a diesel sensor can be used to measure fuel levels in liters, so you can be immediately informed of refuelling and withdrawals.

The above information is also displayed in the easyTRACK service interface, in the vehicle list, in the vehicle information window and in the reports. In addition to being informed in real time about events that are relevant to you, you can use the data later in many ways.

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