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A simple and effective solution for trailer tracking

The efficient tracking and identification of trailers is a task of high importance for vehicle fleets. The easyTRACK trailer identification service was created in response to such needs.

Who do we recommend?

For those companies for which continuous tracking is not essential, however, they still consider it important to have transparent information about the movement of their trailers.


Simple and quick installation

The trailer identification device is extremely quick and easy to install. It is installed in the electrical box of the trailer and connected to one of the free cables between the towing vehicle and the trailer. In the case of towing vehicles equipped with easyTRACK, the other end of the cable is connected directly to the EasyTRACK devices. With this solution, it is possible to prevent the driver from forgetting to connect the trailer ID.


Maintenance free

EasyTRACK's trailer identification device is a passive, easy-to-use device that provides information on when and where a trailer is coupled and uncoupled. In addition to these advantages, the device remains cost-effective in the long term, as there is no need for regular maintenance.


Transparent data

The information displayed together with the license plate number can be viewed clearly on the map interface and in the generated reports, so you can always get an up-to-date picture of the movement and condition of the trailers.



Using the device involves low costs of purchase and installation. No regular maintenance and monthly fee is required. It allows costs to be well planned and to remain predictable during long-term use.


Easy to use

The tool's simple and user-friendly interface allows even users with little technical experience to use it easily.


The trailer identification service in itself offers a practical and simple solution if you want to receive accurate information about the times and locations of the coupling and uncoupling of trailers.

It is an ideal choice for those businesses that primarily only want to obtain clear and up-to-date data on the location and movement of trailers when they were last disconnected, without the need for more complex functions, e.g. in the case of canvas-covered trailers.

If you need extended functionality, such as continuous positioning and stationary data (temperature or cargo door opening data), we recommend easyTRACK's soon-to-be-released trailer tracking hardware.

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Try the innovative solutions of easyTRACK and increase the efficiency of your business!

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