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Useful information about your vehicle with CAN-BUS data - with remote access

The easyTRACK module can read data from the vehicle's own system using the CAN adapter, which can be installed to the easyTRACK system.

After logging in to the user interface, you can select your registered vehicles that have a CAN adapter from the vehicle list.

Get all these information using the CAN-BUS data:




fuel level

total fuel consumed

accelerator pedal angle

After selecting the journey log report, if a CAN adapter is used, the system can extract the data provided by the GPS receiver and the CAN-BUS data. You only need to set the period you want to retrieve and you can already see the aggregated data .


Detailed route report

If a CAN adapter and fuel probe are used together, the system uses the data sent by the fuel probe. This shows the driving style in detail, as the speed distribution, the RPM distribution and the gas pedal position distribution during the entire operating time are displayed in a chart.


Details of driving style stats

With the help of this service, you can keep your fuel consumption under control, and by analyzing the data, you can check how your vehicles are used.

Save even several liters of fuel for your company!

Try the innovative solutions of easyTRACK and increase the efficiency of your business!

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