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Fuel Protection of Linear Irrigation Systems: Effective Solutions and Technologies

How to protect the fuel of linear irrigation systems in 2023?

In today's modern agriculture, linear irrigation systems are essential for efficient and sustainable plant production. These automated systems are ideal for efficient irrigation of large areas, minimizing water wastage and labor requirements.

Although these systems offer many advantages, unfortunately they also present a challenge that many farmers struggle with: the risk of fuel theft.


Fuel theft has always been a problem when it comes to farm machinery and equipment, and linear irrigation systems are no exception. These systems often operate in remote, unguarded areas, making fuel supplies an easy target.

Did you know?

Fuel theft not only causes financial loss, but can also compromise operational efficiency, especially during periods of drought when adequate irrigation is critical.

Supervision of irrigation systems and prevention of fuel theft

The easyTRACK vehicle tracking system has come up with a unique, innovative solution to prevent fuel theft in linear irrigation systems.

How do we ensure fuel protection?


Installation of the easyTRACK system


Connecting fuel probe and tank cap lock


Integration with TMS remote monitoring software 


The system becomes suitable for receiving fuel alerts


Continuously monitoring fuel level: when it drops or the fuel cap is open, the information is transmitted immediately

Why do we recommend this solution?

The easyTRACK system transmits signals directly to the easyTRACK interface without any hardware. This allows users to immediately see changes in the fuel level, the opening or closing of the fuel cap and events related to the irrigation systems.

These devices work together to protect against fuel thieves and enable effective monitoring of irrigation systems.

Traditional farming with modern solutions

Together with the easyTRACK vehicle tracking system and the expertise of TELL Security Systems Kft., farmers and agricultural enterprises can now be informed immediately about changes in the fuel stock and the safety of the irrigation system.

This solution not only provides protection against fuel thieves, but also helps to maintain the continuity and efficiency of farming.

Our integrated system helps preserve farming traditions while protecting irrigation systems from the risk of fuel theft with modern and efficient solutions. In this way, it contributes to the sustainability and safety of agriculture and allows farmers to continue their work easily.


We are proud that easyTRACK is responsible for the protection of the linear irrigation systems of the oldest state estate in Europe, the Nemzeti Ménesbirtok és Tangazdaság Zrt. 

Many businesses have already chosen TELL's innovative solutions, with the aim of protecting their irrigation systems more effectively and reducing fuel theft.

We also offer personalized solutions for your company's challenges! Request an offer today and experience how you can enhance your business's efficiency and security with easyTRACK!

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