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Tracking of agricultural and working machines

Efficient and reliable vehicle tracking solutions for managing machinery that can improve work efficiency, facilitate accounting and reduce maintenance costs.


Operating time tracking

Without energy investment, you can remotely follow the exact location of the machinery, the operating times, and differentiate between various operational phases, such as transportation and work performance.


Auxiliary drive monitoring

Enables the monitoring of whether the work machines mounted on the vehicle are operating. It can be used for any type of work machine: for example, crane, snowplow, concrete mixer, blower engine, etc.


Alerts and notifications

Receive real-time notifications of unauthorized use and get automated maintenance reminders to help prevent sudden malfunctions.


Fuel consumption monitoring

Information on fuel consumption, facilitating cost-effective operation.


Real-time tracking

On the map interface, you can monitor your machines in real time and download their reports and data.

Discover our full range of services! Here you can find all our available solutions that can help increase your business's efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Increased work efficiency

Prevention of operating time abuses

More cost-effective operation

Try the innovative solutions of easyTRACK and increase the efficiency of your business!

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