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Mileage log? Still necessary if you want to keep more in your pocket

You probably know that since 2019 it is no longer necessary to prove the corporate use of a car with a mileage log in order to claim back up to 50% of the VAT.

By doing so, you can save on administration, but it may not be financially beneficial for your business - in fact, you could lose millions!


If you use your company vehicles for business purposes up to 60-90% but are satisfied with the 50% flat rate, calculate how much money you are depriving yourself of!

In addition, with a mileage log, in the event of an audit by the tax authority (NAV), you can prove that you have complied with the rules even if the private use is above 50%.

You don't have to choose between less administration or savings! There is a solution that can achieve both at the same time!

The easyTRACK automatic mileage log program complies with all the requirements set by NAV and always includes the mandatory data.

The easyTRACK system collects data sent by the GPS tracker installed in the vehicle 24 hours a day and transmits it to the central server.

The data required for the mileage log can be permanently recorded in the system, which assigns a serial number to the document.

The already recorded mileage logs can be retrieved from the system at any time.

With automatic route recording, you are guaranteed to save time and rest easy even if you get a tax inspection from the authorities because you'll have a quality record that will pass the audit.

Many people struggle with downloadable mileage log forms, so in 2023, it is worth using a reliable automatic mileage log system. This way, you don't have to worry about administration, and you don't have to settle for the 50% flat rate!

Advantages of the easyTRACK mileage log program:

less administration than with the manual method

guaranteed compliance with regulations

no more unnecessary work time lost

avoid unnecessary operating costs due to private use

prove to your partners the appropriate transport conditions and completion of the work





Choose a fast and professional solution and reclaim 90-100% of the VAT on your leased or financed car, receive reimbursement for your private car in case of corporate use, and avoid company car tax!

Request a personalized offer and calculate how much you can save with easyTRACK!

  • Can easyTRACK's toll payment system help you avoid fines?
    Yes. Using the fast, simple, and transparent e-toll payment system is a sure way to avoid fines, as it notifies the driver directly of a possible failure to pay the toll and provides continuous feedback on the ability to operate.
  • How can I check the toll declaration process?
    You can check the toll declaration process in two ways: via the easyTRACK web interface, where you can monitor the system's operational capability and the set number of axles. You can also get information about the toll declaration process using the HU-GO Display display device installed in the vehicle.
  • I need legal advice regarding toll payment. What to do?
    For our customers who use the e-toll service, we provide e-toll legal advice, in the framework of which our specialist colleague helps to solve toll-related problems.
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