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With easyTRACK you can have full control over your fleet.






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Our Offer

You know what your fleet needs the best. Choose the services from our portfolio to manage your vehicles more effectively. Our offer covers a wide range of vehicles, from private cars to fleets comprising thousands of corporate vehicles or machines. Have a look at our offer and explore how you can save time and money. Ask for a personalized offer today!


What our services are suitable for


Fuel control

You can monitor fuel consumption, the amount of fuel refueled, fuel waste due to bad driving style, so you can save up to 40% per year.


A fast, simple, transparent toll payment system that notifies the driver directly of possible non-payment of tolls, thus protecting your business from penalties.


You can determine the optimal route for your driver in advance, saving time and fuel. In addition, you can monitor the position of the vehicle in real time.


Fleet management

Track the movement of your vehicles 24 hours a day. Check the routes taken, the stops and the distance traveled. Create reports on the activities of your drivers and vehicles.


Real-time alerts

Set real-time alerts for areas, speed, or even opening the fuel cap. The system sends you an immediate alert by e-mail or SMS if your driver stops in a suspicious place or if the fuel cap is opened.


Temperature monitoring

Track the temperature of the cargo area, set an automatic alarm to monitor unwanted temperature changes and get your goods to their destination undamaged.


Sitting in front of a computer, you can download the tachograph data of your vehicles and the cards of your drivers with a few clicks, or even at a pre-scheduled time, the system will automatically perform this operation for you.


Unauthorized use of a vehicle

You can prevent unauthorized drivers from using your vehicle. You decide which employee can drive which vehicle.


Simple communication

In a closed system, images, documents and conversations received through encrypted communication are stored on our own servers, thus ensuring that no external person can access your data.

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Our customers said:

Road Roller

Our company uses easyTRACK's tracking service, with which it has been completely satisfied all along.

The administration always runs smoothly, the colleagues provide comprehensive information, are helpful and even kind.

For the reasons mentioned above, I am very happy to recommend our company and service to others.

Katalin Krisztina Kleiber, FINN ÚT KFT.

Energy Drink

Our company is 100% satisfied, as we are constantly ordering the devices. The employees of easyTRACK do their work wholeheartedly in all areas. If I really wanted to, I wouldn't be able to say a single bad thing. Our problems concerning contractors and invoices are solved immediately, the mechanics carry out the work accurately and flawlessly, and we also receive immediate help with technical issues. We would like to nominate one of your colleagues as employee of the year this year as well, who has always taken all the problems off our shoulders in all areas for years, for which we are very grateful. We fully recommend the company to others! The management can be proud of its team! Thank you very much!

Viktória Molnár, ML Energy Kft.

Improve the efficiency of your logistics activities with easyTRACK, our vehicle tracking and fleet management system!


Explore easyTRACK without commitments! With the free demo software, you can test every possible application area.


Send us your details, and our colleagues will contact you. We can process demo requests from 8am to 5pm every weekday. Login information is sent to the given e-mail address in this period.

Thank you for the trust of our customers!

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