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Predictive tachograph service

What is a predictive tachograph service?

The predictive tachograph service helps to record the driver's working hours and the driver's activities, and based on these, calculates when his daily driving time ends and when he must take a mandatory break.

The predictive tachograph service is able to give drivers an accurate forecast of how much they can still drive in a given driving cycle (daily, weekly, fortnightly) and when they need to take a break, and also shows the remaining driving and rest time.

Why is it worth using a predictive tachograph service?

The service can be useful in improving road safety, it can help drivers and fleet managers anticipate possible driving restrictions or necessary rest periods. This means that the it is able to take the burden of calculations off the shoulders of fleet managers and drivers, so they have more energy for other tasks, since the system automatically takes care of them.

It also also manages when two drivers take turns, which is subject to different rules. In that case, special attention must be paid to monitoring their working and rest time. The easyTRACK system is able to identify and differentiate the data of the two drivers, as well as accurately record shifts and individual driving times.

Overall, the ability to notify and warn in time can help reduce the risk of accidents due to driver fatigue and increase overall road safety.

Did you know?

Violation of the driving and rest periods can occasionally result in high fines. In Hungary, the amount of the fine ranges from 80,000 HUF to 300,000, so it is not worth ignoring the current regulations. In any case, we recommend that you take the time to calculate the appropriate driving and rest time or use a predictive tachograph to ensure legal compliance and avoid road accidents.


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