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Driver card

What is a driver card?

The driver card, also known as a digital tachograph card or driver smart card, is a crucial component of digital tachograph systems. It is a personalized card issued to professional drivers who operate vehicles equipped with digital tachographs. The driver card serves as a digital identification and data storage device for the driver's activities and compliance with driving and rest time regulations.

What is the driver card used for?

  • Identification: When a driver starts a journey, they insert their driver card into the digital tachograph unit installed in the vehicle. The card contains the driver's information, such as their name, driving license number, and other identification details.

  • Data Storage: Throughout the journey, the digital tachograph records various data, such as driving time, rest periods, breaks, distance traveled, and speed. All this information is stored securely on the driver card.

  • Compliance Monitoring: The driver card allows authorities and employers to monitor and ensure the driver's compliance with driving and rest time regulations set by transportation authorities. This helps prevent driver fatigue and ensures road safety.

  • Data Download: After completing a journey or within a specific time interval, the driver needs to download the data from their driver card. This information is then used for regulatory compliance and record-keeping purposes by the transport company, regulatory authorities, or law enforcement.

  • Personalized Access: Each driver has their own unique driver card, which means the tachograph system can accurately record individual driver activities separately, even if multiple drivers use the same vehicle.

Overall, the driver card is a crucial tool in ensuring accurate and compliant recording of a driver's working time, rest periods, and driving activities when using digital tachograph systems. This data helps promote safety on the roads and ensures adherence to transportation regulations.

Did you know?

Driver cards have a microchip embedded within them, which stores the driver's data in a highly secure and tamper-proof manner. The microchip used in the driver card is a type of smart card with cryptographic functions. It provides several layers of security to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the recorded data.


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