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With easyTRACK, you can increase the efficiency of your fleet and reduce operating costs. The modern vehicle tracking system enhances the transparency and safety of your fleet.

Real-time tracking

Track all vehicles in your fleet in real-time on the map interface, download associated reports, data, invoices.


Route planning

Plan the ideal route for your driver based on road features and vehicle type, then send it to the driver's mobile phone.


Alerts and notifications

Set up notifications, e.g., for border crossings, fuel cap openings, stopping points, technical inspection due dates, or even personalized alerts based on mileage or time.


Driver identification, company-private use separation

With the built-in RFID reader in the easyTRACK system, along with the Driver APP mobile application, drivers can identify themselves. Using the APP and RFID reader, drivers can choose between business and private use.


CAN data

With the help of a CAN adapter, easyTRACK can read data from the vehicle's own system, such as RPM, odometer reading, fuel level, total fuel consumed, throttle position.


Mileage log

The easyTRACK automatic mileage log program complies with the requirements of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) and provides less administration, helping to reclaim VAT at a rate of 90-100% for rented or leased cars.

Discover our full range of services! Here you can find all our available solutions that can help increase your business's efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Improved fuel efficiency

Reliable and secure freight transport

Reduced operating costs

Try the innovative solutions of easyTRACK and increase the efficiency of your business!

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