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Real-time GPS vehicle tracking, remote tachograph download and analysis, fleet tracking and more

Why is it worth choosing easyTRACK?

Free installation + free device - our offer is simple and transparent


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Bus fleet

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Why do 3,200 of our customers choose the easyTRACK service?

Real-time vehicle tracking

Tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also track your fleet from a mobile app or web interface with our innovative services.


Fast and professional installation

The device is installed wherever you want by our nationwide network of installers. The device is fully guaranteed for the duration of the contract.


High level of technical support

98% of our customers are satisfied with our services, which shows the professionalism, kindness and friendly attitude of our colleagues.


We thank our customers for their trust


Effective vehicle tracking combined with the best features

Since 2009, we have been working to offer outstanding solutions when it comes to fleet optimization. At easyTRACK you will find people dedicated to serving the fleet tracking needs of small, medium and large businesses. Continuous development, modern solutions. This is what are we.


Track your vehicles 24 hours a day

On our map-based interface, you can track all the vehicles in your fleet in real time and download their reports, data, and invoices.

Plan your fleet's route and stopping points

You can plan the ideal route for your driver in advance, based on the road features and the type of vehicle, thus reducing the number of unnecessary trips. You can send the planned route to your driver's mobile phone, so you can start the tour at the given time on the Driver App mobile application. 


Set instant real-time alerts

You can set notifications (SMS, e-mail or web interface) about crossing the border, opening the fuel cap, stopping points, when a technical test is due, but you can also set alerts based on individual kilometers or time and more.

Download tachograph or driver card data remotely

With the help of the easyTACHOGRAPH service, you can monitor the current driving and rest time of drivers, so you can avoid fines and optimize transport organization. With remote access, you can start the download of the tachograph device and driver cards at a predetermined time or even automatically.


Choose from 40 kinds of reports to save money and energy

Choose from the following types of reports: journey log, operating hours, POI, fuel, driver, working hours.

The number of our reports is constantly increasing, with regard to incoming requests.

Toll declaration

We provide a HU-GO display device and service for the toll declaration of trucks over 3.5 tons. The smoothness of the system is ensured by our customer service specializing in e-toll available 24 hours a day and our e-toll legal advice.


Manage your profile and vehicles in one place

Manage your service-related invoices, personal data and contracts directly from the map interface of the easyTRACK system.

Toll declaration

We provide a HU-GO display device and service for the toll declaration of trucks over 3.5 tons. The smoothness of the system is ensured by our customer service specializing in e-toll available 24 hours a day and our e-toll legal advice.


Which companies do we recommend easyTRACK vehicle tracking services to?

Különböző felhasználási területek

We offer more than a company with general telematics solutions can offer. We are able to extract data from any moving vehicle, from cars to buses, from trucks to trailers and heavy goods vehicles.

Our solutions range from basic tracking to essential services for trailers and trucks.

Nothing proves it better than the daily tracking of a fleet of nearly 35,000 vehicles connected to the easyTRACK system. We help our Customers improve their business, reduce costs and risks, and gain more control over their fleet.

Mobile application for drivers and fleet managers

Would you like to monitor the status of your fleet while on the road and simply and securely chat and share documents with your drivers? It is possible with the

easyTRACK application for business owners and dispatchers

easyTRACKDriver APP application for drivers

easyTRACK mobilalkalmazás sofőrök és flottamenedzserek részére

Why use GPS based vehicle tracking?

Improve bad driving style (hard braking, sharp turns, speeding)

Increase the efficiency of your fleet and reduce administration

Prevent unauthorized use

Receive notifications about events that are important to you

Find out where your vehicles have been, when and for how long

Improve the internal communication of fleet members

Avoid fines with the e-toll payment system

Track your drivers in real time on a map interface

Reduce your costs by up to 40% per year

Our customers 


Still not convinced that easyTRACK is the best GPS fleet tracking solution on the market? Read what our Customers say about us.


"Our company uses easyTRACK's tracking service, with which it has been completely satisfied all along.

The administration always runs smoothly, the colleagues provide comprehensive information, are helpful and even kind.

For the reasons mentioned above, I am very happy to recommend the company and the service to others."

Katalin Krisztina Kleiber, FINN ÚT KFT.


Are you ready to give us a chance?


Learn why thousands of companies in Hungary and other European countries choose easyTRACK


Our latest news

Everything you'd like to know about GPS vehicle tracking

  • Can easyTRACK's toll payment system help you avoid fines?
    Yes. Using the fast, simple, and transparent e-toll payment system is a sure way to avoid fines, as it notifies the driver directly of a possible failure to pay the toll and provides continuous feedback on the ability to operate.
  • How can I check the toll declaration process?
    You can check the toll declaration process in two ways: via the easyTRACK web interface, where you can monitor the system's operational capability and the set number of axles. You can also get information about the toll declaration process using the HU-GO Display display device installed in the vehicle.
  • I need legal advice regarding toll payment. What to do?
    For our customers who use the e-toll service, we provide e-toll legal advice, in the framework of which our specialist colleague helps to solve toll-related problems.


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